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Honor Courage Commitment Inspires 3,600 to Awareness

  • April 30, 2014

What an incredible month! The push-up initiative mentioned in my last blog spurred over 3,600 people to post videos of themselves doing 22 push-ups to honor those who serve and remember that 22 veterans a day are dying by suicide. I just wrote a Psychology Today article about this amazing experience with Honor Courage and Commitment entitled: Intrinsic Motivation: The Missing Link in Mental Health Care. The photo above is the jumbotron from the Texas Rangers game against the Philadelphia. The Texas Rangers have been phenomenal, helping us spread the word and with their own push-ups too!

In addition, I traveled with the Director of the Hersh Foundation, Kristi Bernstein to the kickoff of the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute on April 16. Amazing set of panelists spoke about the progress on mental health intitiatves in Texas. Texas still has a long way to go, but Meadows will help lead the way.

On April 28 I participated in the live feed viewing of the Center for BrainHealth's Inaugural BrainHealth Summit. Again another series of fabulous panelists. One of whom, Dr. Bror Saxenberg, Cheif Leraning Officer at Kaplan, inspired me to look into this concept of Intrinsic Motivation, which I talk about in my PT Blog. Great information and I felt honored to attend.

Tomorrow I am heading to NYC for the conference on The International Society of ECT and Nuerostimulation. I've served for about a year on the ISEN Patient Advisory Council. This is a group of people who have had a personal experience with mental illness and who are trying to cooperatively work with ISEN to improve patient care. Headed by Mary Rosedale, Assistant Professor of College of Nursing Joint Appointment, Department of PsychiatryNYU Langone Medical Center, this is a powerhouse group. Members include Amy Lutz, author of the just published Each Day I Like It Better a moving account of how ECT helped her autistic son, Martha Rhodes, author of 3,000 Pulses which I blogged about in "TMS or ECT A Mental Health Consumer Weighs the Options" and Carol Kivler author of many books including Mental Health Boosters (helpful book, have read this one) and Will I Ever be the Same Again? Transforming the Face of ECT (Shock Therapy). All these books are available on Amazon.

Will check in after the ISEN Conference.

Have a great hump day and end of the week




"My grandmother’s suicide had a terrible impact on my mom. Usually fun loving, humorous and jovial, my mother occasionally required hospitalization for depression throughout my childhood. Julie Hersh gives us a documentary ride in the mind of a potential suicide victim, and shows us her road to survival as could only be provided by one "who's been there."  Struck by Living is a story of courage, love, hope and victory."

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