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Can I Help Someone Who is Suicidal?

  • September 23 2018

How can one create barriers to prevent suicide?

Being Alone: When Does It Help Versus Hurt?

  • August 31 2018

Can you get depressed by too much good stuff?

Gym Pick Ups and ECT: 2 topics from 1 Episode of The Doctors

  • March 23 2018

"The Doctors" taught me that sometimes great information can be wrapped in a package I'd normally discard.

“Shots Fired” Cry Havoc’s take on Dallas Shootings of 7/7/16

  • July 10 2017

Two thought-provoking plays in Dallas, Texas address the anger and pain associated with race in the United States.

The Tipping Point Toward Mental Health

  • April 06 2017

Dr. Madhukar Trivedi and Dr. Vikram Patel suggest a change in mental health care to promote early detection and better treatment and ensure longer-term wellness.

Can Empathy Heal?

  • March 04 2017

With one out of four people managing depression, chances are the person next to you can empathize and offer help.

The Miracle of Gratitude

  • December 15 2016

Can a chance meeting with another person influence our attitude?

Finding Gratitude in Mistakes

  • December 03 2016

Are you having trouble coping with the holiday family get togethers? This might help.

My Soul Needs More Than a Sound Bite

  • August 03 2016

A walk in the woods provides a welcome alternative to the news.

What’s Your Mental Health Resilience Playlist?

  • May 10 2016

Has anyone measured the impact of playfulness on mental health? Be a kid, make your playlist and dare to sing and dance out loud. How do you measure the power of the human spirit?

Parenting a Parent Toward Life’s End

  • April 27 2016

How do you manage end of life care for your parent? There is no handbook but here is one story.

Walking the Walk of Mental Illness

  • March 03 2016

How can one rebuild after a relapse of depression and the loss of a friend?

Untreated Mental Illness Leaves Two Dead, One Life Shattered

  • November 02 2015

Be bold. Be compassionate.

Detection and Management of Depression and Bipolar Disease

  • October 01 2015

On September 1, 2015, the Center for Depression Research and Clinical Care at UT Southwestern under the direction of Dr. Madhukar Trivedi was officially launched. Dr. Trivedi, an internationally recognized expert in depression and mood disorders, received the 2015 American Psychiatric Association Award for Research, the Association’s most significant award for research.

Trade-in Transition: Mom Looks at a New Role as Kids Depart

  • August 31 2015

Hersh finds closure of a part of her life by letting go of an old car.

Predicting Who We Will Be

  • July 20 2015

After 25 years of marriage, I return to the Great Barrier Reef with my 19 year-old daughter to reflect back to who I thought I'd be.

Fixing the Neural Circuit to Combat Mental Illness

  • June 29 2015

A trip to Stanford gives a look into the work of Dr. Amit Etkin and Stanford's NeuroCircuit Group.

Can Too Many Good Things Lead to Squirrely Mental Health?

  • May 29 2015

Managing the good things in life as well as the tragedies can impact mental health.

The Shocking Truth About ECT

  • April 24 2015

The rampant misinformation about this procedure compels me to offer my story as evidence of what ECT can do.

One Pilot’s Suicide Prompts a Call for Common Sense

  • March 29 2015

The Germanwings crash causes a new look at regulations for pilots. Do current FAA regulations cause pilots to hide depression and bipolar disease, resulting in more severe illness?

Discussing Illness Without Alienating the Ill

  • February 20 2015

The arts offer an unthreatening microscope and telescope to examine stories, which we can adapt to our own healing.

Can a Bad Boy Ever be a Good Role Model?

  • January 30 2015

Can the lessons of Stagger Lee teach a new generation to make lasting change?

The Presence of Absence - Holidays without Parents

  • December 26 2014

A discovery of memorabilia on Christmas morning brings back memories of parents who are no longer with us. The good news for those who are encountering this experience for the first time - it does get better.

An Unexpected Thanksgiving Story

  • November 23 2014

A mother gets an unexpected surprise when she hikes to the point where she attempted suicide in 2001 with her now 20 year-old son.

Shared Experience of Depression Heals Two from Two Cultures

  • October 30 2014

Decidí Vivir, the Spanish translation of Struck by Living, released this week. The translation process helped heal two families of different languages and culture, but a shared experience of depression.

How to Survive Your Spouse's Depression

  • September 27 2014

Being there for a suicidal spouse means protecting yourself first. Here are five ways to maintain your mental health while a loved one is suffering from suicidal depression.

Mental Health Needs More than a Wake Up Call

  • August 29 2014

After a flurry of interviews the week of Robin Williams death, a writer reflects on the change needed to cause a quantum shift in mental health.

Faith, the Intangible Force in Resilience

  • July 25 2014

Inspired by the faith of immigrants in the "Lost in Translation" speaker series, Hersh explores the impact of faith on resilience. This event took place at the Dallas Museum of Art as part of Arts and Letters Live.

Jacob Schick: Resilience Through Staying on Mission

  • June 29 2014

Marine Corps Corporal Jacob Schick, veteran of Iraq who sustained 46 operations and 23 blood transfusions after nearly dying on duty, gives his credo for maintaining a positive attitude.

Finding Balance in May Madness

  • May 30 2014

How do you appreciate those important spring moments when there are too many of them?

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Julie has been a blogger for Psychology Today for several years.


"My grandmother’s suicide had a terrible impact on my mom. Usually fun loving, humorous and jovial, my mother occasionally required hospitalization for depression throughout my childhood. Julie Hersh gives us a documentary ride in the mind of a potential suicide victim, and shows us her road to survival as could only be provided by one "who's been there."  Struck by Living is a story of courage, love, hope and victory."

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In Struck by Living, Julie Hersh picks apart the irony of her life with humor and brutal honesty. Despite a loving husband, healthy children, financial security, Julie attempted suicide three times. With the help of ECT (electroconvulsive therapy), Julie broke the deadly course of her disorder. Now well, Julie promotes the importance of mental health with collaborations with other artists and organizations.

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