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Recommended Reading

Shock by Kitty Dukakis and Larry Tye

Undercurrents by Marsha Manning

Links with Information about ECT

ECT: A Light in the Darkness

ECT Information Booklet published by St. Patrick's Hospital in Dublin, Ireland

Sherwin Nuland on electroshock therapy

For Understanding Mental Illness or Suicidal Tendency

Why People Die by Suicide by Thomas Joiner, PhD

Unquiet Mind by Kay Redfield Jamison, MD

Night Falls Fast by Kay Redfield Jamison, MD

Darkness Visible, William Styron

Noonday Demon by Andrew Solomon

For Understanding the Process for the Mentally Ill within the US Mental Health and Prison Systems:

Crazy by Pete Earley

For Understanding Brain Function and Lifestyle Impact on the Brain

Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, John J. Ratey, MD

Change Your Brain Change Your Life, Daniel Amen, MD

The Brain that Changes Itself, Norman Doidge, MD

Healing the Addictive Brain, Harold C. Urschel,III, MD


"Julie Hersh has bravely recounted her experiences with suicidality and depression. Her story is profound yet poetic. Julie's narrative provides a much-needed patient-centered perspective to those who care for the mentally ill. Her passion for communicating the devastating effects of depression and suicidality to others is a powerful tool in the war against the social stigma experienced by those who live with suicidal thoughts, those who have made suicide attempts, and those who have survived the suicide of a loved one."

Jane Mahoney
Jane Mahoney, PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC, Director of Nursing Practice and Research,The Menninger Clinic: Assistant Professor, Menninger Department of Psychiatry, Baylor College of MedicineHouston, TX
About Struck By Living

In Struck by Living, Julie Hersh picks apart the irony of her life with humor and brutal honesty. Despite a loving husband, healthy children, financial security, Julie attempted suicide three times. With the help of ECT (electroconvulsive therapy), Julie broke the deadly course of her disorder. Now well, Julie promotes the importance of mental health with collaborations with other artists and organizations.

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